What a curriculum we have for you...!

Our 2-minute school video gives an amazing snapshot of the opportunities and experiences children get here.

For more information on Cornerstones and the Windmill approach to: Learning to Read, Learning to Write, Mathematics Mastery, Embracing the Arts, Commitment to Sports, Being a Nature Friendly School and of course our legendary Deep and Diverse Experiences, follow these links or use the website menu.

Our curriculum statement aligns with our overarching school vision: ‘Include Everyone’, ‘Guarantee Opportunities’, ‘Nurture Aspirations’, ‘Inspire Each Other’, ‘Try Everything’, ‘Encourage Independence’:

Through full coverage of the National Curriculum, ensuring access for all, we aim to spot and nurture talent.  We want all children to see themselves as artists, authors, designers, engineers, geographers, historians, linguists, mathematicians, musicians, performers, players, scientists… the list is endless.  We provide the sequential knowledge, the real-life contexts, and the inspiration to encourage children to try new things confidently and develop their aspirations for their future lives as contributors to British society.