A solid and stimulating foundation

Why Cornerstones?

The clue's in the name!

We 'build' the Windmill Curriculum on Cornerstones, knowing that we have checked its coverage of the National Curriculum and alignment with national age-related expectations.

By designing each half term's learning around Cornerstones' themes, we give children the best chance of their knowledge 'sticking'.  Each imaginative learning project will give opportunities for the learners: to 'engage' through memorable first-hand experiences; to 'develop' (practise) their new knowledge and skills; to 'innovate' by applying their knowledge and solving problems; then to 'express' their new knowledge through performances and/or celebrations.

We link each year group's half-term theme (topic) with a relevant Love To Read book, to give even more stimulus and context for children's learning.

We look at the aspects of the National Curriculum that will be covered over the academic year according to half-term curriculum maps and identify any elements that will not be covered in the Cornerstones projects.  We cover these gaps by planning discrete teaching units/lessons.