Each week we publish a Windmill Weekly Bulletin. The document vault below shows this academic year's documents.

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Filename Size Date
2.12.19.pdf 490.1KB 06/08/2020
4.11.19.pdf 962.8KB 06/08/2020
7.10.19.pdf 527.3KB 06/08/2020
11.11.19.pdf 643.3KB 06/08/2020
14.10.19.pdf 501.0KB 06/08/2020
16.09.19.pdf 469.9KB 06/08/2020
18.11.19.pdf 716.1KB 06/08/2020
21.10.19.pdf 530.6KB 06/08/2020
25.11.19.pdf 753.2KB 06/08/2020
30.9.19.pdf 491.3KB 06/08/2020
23.09.19.pdf 859.1KB 06/08/2020
3.2.20.pdf 369.2KB 06/08/2020
27.1.20.pdf 515.9KB 06/08/2020
20.1.20.pdf 808.5KB 06/08/2020
13.1.20.pdf 862.8KB 06/08/2020
6.1.20.pdf 364.6KB 06/08/2020
16.12.19.pdf 457.3KB 06/08/2020
9.12.19.pdf 428.6KB 06/08/2020
9.3.20.pdf 657.7KB 06/08/2020
2.3.20.pdf 514.3KB 06/08/2020
24.2.20.pdf 593.1KB 06/08/2020
10.2.20.pdf 714.8KB 06/08/2020