School Lunches (what to expect and what to do)

Children entitled to Free School Meals in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 will continue to receive weekly supermarket vouchers funded by the government.  These are delivered by email.

(it is important to understand that children in Year 2 who usually get a free meal at school will only receive a voucher if they are classed as Free School Meals - if their household has a comparatively low income and someone in the family has filled in a form to apply for this)

All children in Reception and Year 1 will receive a free packed lunch at school through the government's Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme.  Children in Year 6 will also receive a free packed lunch if they are entitled to Free School Meals.

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who are not coming to school will not receive supermarket vouchers. If they are entitled to Free School Meals (because of low household income) and require a school packed lunch, they can be collected from school at 12:00pm if they have been ordered in advance.

Nursery children and those children attending our Emergency Provision facility (children of key workers and children classed as vulnerable) should provide their own packed lunches, as should children in Year 6 who are not entitled to Free School Meals.

If your child is coming to school, but you would prefer to send them with their own packed lunch, that's fine - just let us know.

On Wednesdays, children who are at school will have their lunch on site before coming home (12pm for Nursery and Reception, 12:15pm for Year 1, 12:30pm for Emergency Provision, and 12:45pm for Year 6).