Teachers of Nursery and Reception children are mostly focused on the children that are attending school. 

These resources are the same or similar to what the children in school are using and are also available on this page for families that wish to access them at home.

Filename Size Date
       Little-Bear-mask.pdf 9.1MB 06/08/2020
       Little-Pack-of-positivity.pdf 4.8MB 06/08/2020
       Number-Matching-Caterpillar.pdf 274.1KB 06/08/2020
       OutdoorChallengeCards2.pdf 2.2MB 06/08/2020
       ScavengerHuntPack.pdf 1.4MB 06/08/2020
       SquirrelLeafCraft.pdf 1.6MB 06/08/2020
       Tell me how your feeling Bear.pdf 7.1MB 06/08/2020
       Weeping Woman Picasso.jpg 375.3KB 06/08/2020
       Counting 1-5.pdf 324.4KB 06/08/2020
       Counting to 5.pdf 443.1KB 06/08/2020
       Dont-Worry-Little-Bear-Book.pdf 2.6MB 06/08/2020
       Dont-Worry-Little-Bear-Game.pdf 2.8MB 06/08/2020
       I can see this many shadows.docx 152.6KB 06/08/2020
       letter formation worksheets.pdf 12.4MB 06/08/2020
       Magnetic Fishing Simple Challenge Cards.pdf 190.2KB 06/08/2020
       size ordering gruffalo.docx 392.2KB 06/08/2020
       Sorting Cards.pdf 45.9KB 06/08/2020
       comparing number of ladybird cards.pdf 174.6KB 06/08/2020
       Cut-Outs bigger and smaller.pdf 11.6MB 06/08/2020
       Fishing Activity Cut-Outs.pdf 15.9MB 06/08/2020
       how many feet 431.3KB 06/08/2020
       Farm Maths Themed Activity Book.pdf 5.0MB 06/08/2020
       Farm-Themed-KS1-Literacy-Activity-Book.pdf 4.3MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-4901-transport-sorting-activity_ver_3.pdf 1.9MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-24360-summer-mindfulness-colouring-sheets-_ver_5.pdf 5.7MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-2545916-playdough-movement-song-child-activity-cards.pdf 911.6KB 06/08/2020
       t-tp-2549355-six-steps-to-washing-your-hands_ver_1.pdf 1.4MB 06/08/2020
       9 Cards.pdf 51.8KB 06/08/2020
       10 Cards.pdf 53.5KB 06/08/2020
       Add to 2 with a number line.pdf 523.2KB 06/08/2020
       Addition to 10 number line.pdf 167.1KB 06/08/2020
       Maths Activity Mats to 10.pdf 1.4MB 06/08/2020
       Maths and Addition Workbook.pdf 8.1MB 06/08/2020
       Maths with parents screenshots.docx 11.2MB 06/08/2020
       Number bond addition challenge.pdf 549.5KB 06/08/2020
       Searching for 7.pdf 50.6KB 06/08/2020
       Subtraction 10 number line.pdf 105.0KB 06/08/2020
       T-G-162-Blank-UK-Map_ver_4.pdf 242.5KB 06/08/2020
       t-n-2546489-all-about-number-8-number-formation-activity-... 178.9KB 06/08/2020
       t-n-2546497-all-about-number-7-number-formation-activity-... 188.8KB 06/08/2020
       t-n-2546498-all-about-number-9-number-formation-activity-... 173.5KB 06/08/2020
       T-T-25193-Photo-Summer-and-Winter-Clothes-Sorting-Activit... 946.1KB 06/08/2020
       T-T-26444-Transport-Roll-And-Colour.pdf 7.8MB 06/08/2020
       T-T-28254-Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat-Song.pdf 489.6KB 06/08/2020
       pasta-and-playdough-bridges-stem-activity.pdf 472.1KB 06/08/2020
       The-Wheels-on-the-Bus-Nursery-Rhyme-Large-Display-Poster.pdf 7.7MB 06/08/2020
       t-m-31465-repeating-pattern-display-posters_ver_1.pdf 315.0KB 06/08/2020
       T-N-573-The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-Pattern-Sheet.pdf 1.4MB 06/08/2020
       t-n-7560-make-a-pattern-activity-sheets-.pdf 539.0KB 06/08/2020
       t-tp-2549542-transport-early-writing-activities_ver_3.pdf 2.3MB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Edges Sort Activity Sheet.pdf 32.3KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Number of Sides Activity Sheet.pdf 35.4KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Properties Activity Sheet.pdf 39.8KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Properties Table Activity Sheet Higher Ability.pdf 50.1KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Properties Table Activity Sheet Lower Ability.pdf 41.5KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Properties Table Activity Sheet Two.pdf 40.7KB 06/08/2020
       2D Shape Properties Table Activity Sheet.pdf 46.9KB 06/08/2020
       2d shape sorting Answers.pdf 104.4KB 06/08/2020
       Animal hide and seek Clue Cards.pdf 27.2KB 06/08/2020
       Animal hide and seek.pdf 679.4KB 06/08/2020
       Tin-Foil-Boat-Ideas-for-the-STEM-Penny-Challenge-Facebook... 653.9KB 06/08/2020
       T-N-1040-3D-Shape-Properties-Worksheets_ver_2.pdf 1.1MB 06/08/2020
       t-n-1473-2d-shape-sudoku_ver_1.pdf 132.9KB 06/08/2020
       T-N-4957-Colour-by-2D-Shapes_ver_4.pdf 1.1MB 06/08/2020
       T-T-1382C-The-Train-Ride-Page-Borders-Half-Lined.pdf 2.1MB 06/08/2020
       T-T-1387-The-Train-Ride-Word-Mat-Images_ver_1.pdf 3.0MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-2719-traffic-survey-activity-sheet-_ver_1.pdf 212.8KB 06/08/2020
       t-t-19871-transport-i-spy-scene-activity-_ver_2.pdf 356.7KB 06/08/2020
       t-t-29391-transport-themed-ordinal-numbers-cut-and-stick-... 1.0MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-2545499-the-big-sails-on-the-allyallyo-song_ver_1.pdf 403.4KB 06/08/2020
       Talk for Writing - Reception. The Amazing Adventures of ... 2.2MB 06/08/2020
       t-c-254603-what-can-you-see-sports-day-powerpoint-game.pdf 1.3MB 06/08/2020
       t-e-2549734-at-the-seaside-early-writing-activities_ver_5... 1.8MB 06/08/2020
       T-L-4670-Phase-5-ay-Colour-by-Phoneme-Real-and-Nonsense-W... 312.6KB 06/08/2020
       T-L-5713-Phase-3-igh-Colour-by-Phoneme-Real-and-Nonsense-... 49.4KB 06/08/2020
       t-l-526509-ow-phoneme-spotter-story-english.pdf 1.4MB 06/08/2020
       t-sc-2549719-melt-the-ice-science-experiment-activity_ver... 173.2KB 06/08/2020
       T-T-5663-Seaside-Acrostic-Poem-Template.pdf 606.6KB 06/08/2020
       T-T-5846-Safari-Animal-Pattern-Matching-Cards_ver_1.pdf 2.4MB 06/08/2020
       t-t-11642-ordinal-number-ice-cream-colouring-activity-she... 197.3KB 06/08/2020
       Answers (I Spy Add to 10).pdf 243.3KB 06/08/2020
       Answers (I Spy Add to 20).pdf 272.6KB 06/08/2020
       Checklist (I Spy Add to 10).pdf 358.5KB 06/08/2020
       Checklist (I Spy Add to 20).pdf 438.4KB 06/08/2020
       Design your own ice cream.pdf 273.2KB 06/08/2020
       I Spy (Add to 10).pdf 347.9KB 06/08/2020
       I Spy (Add to 20).pdf 297.9KB 06/08/2020
       Posters (Sports Day).pdf 2.4MB 06/08/2020
       Rainbow-Fish-Collage-Template.pdf 2.5MB 06/08/2020
       roi-l-53765-ee-read-and-write-activity-sheet-english.pdf 425.0KB 06/08/2020
       Seaside Crack the Code Addition to 10.pdf 157.1KB 06/08/2020
       CVC Cut and Stick A
             Instructions.pdf 23.4KB 06/08/2020
             Cards.pdf 447.0KB 06/08/2020
             Pictures of Completed Activity.pdf 294.1KB 06/08/2020
             Base Boards.pdf 16.8KB 06/08/2020
       CVC Cut and Stick E
             Base Boards.pdf 29.3KB 06/08/2020
             Pictures of Completed Activity.pdf 262.2KB 06/08/2020
             Instructions.pdf 52.3KB 06/08/2020
             Cards.pdf 403.2KB 06/08/2020
       CVC Cut and Stick I
             Base Boards.pdf 41.1KB 06/08/2020
             Instructions.pdf 52.3KB 06/08/2020
             Cards.pdf 814.1KB 06/08/2020
             Pictures of Completed Activity.pdf 532.0KB 06/08/2020
       CVC Cut and Stick O
             Base Boards.pdf 27.9KB 06/08/2020
             Cards.pdf 573.6KB 06/08/2020
             Instructions.pdf 52.3KB 06/08/2020
             Pictures of Completed Activity.pdf 376.4KB 06/08/2020
       CVC Cut and Stick U
             Cards.pdf 577.4KB 06/08/2020
             Pictures of Completed Activity.pdf 404.6KB 06/08/2020
             Instructions.pdf 52.3KB 06/08/2020
             Base Boards.pdf 30.5KB 06/08/2020