Teachers are trying to ensure that the resources used by children learning at home and at school are the same or similar.  Please follow the ClassDojo instructions on how and when to access these resources.

Filename Size Date
Maths Meeting 1.3.21.pdf 758.7KB 28/02/2021
Maths Worksheet 1.3.21.pdf 297.5KB 28/02/2021
RE worksheet 1.3.21.pdf 29.9KB 28/02/2021
English meeting 1.3.21.pdf 513.3KB 28/02/2021
English meeting Tuesday 2.3.21.pdf 507.2KB 28/02/2021
Computing lesson 2 sheet.pdf 140.5KB 28/02/2021
Maths Meeting 2.3.21.pdf 760.8KB 28/02/2021
Maths worksheet 2.3.21.pdf 299.3KB 28/02/2021
Maths Worksheet 3.3.21.pdf 265.9KB 28/02/2021
English Meeting 4.3.21.pdf 511.8KB 28/02/2021
Maths Meeting 4.3.21.pdf 758.1KB 28/02/2021
Maths worksheet 4.3.21.pdf 449.5KB 28/02/2021
Maths worksheet 5.3.21.pdf 247.1KB 28/02/2021