Teachers are trying to ensure that the resources used by children learning at home and at school are the same or similar.  Please follow the ClassDojo instructions on how and when to access these resources.

Filename Size Date
macbeth_story (2).pdf 21.1MB 07/01/2021
Monday Love to read.pdf 1.5MB 11/01/2021
Overview Monday.pdf 340.3KB 11/01/2021
Week 2 Monday History.pptx 5.0MB 11/01/2021
monday maths sheets.pdf 412.8KB 11/01/2021
Overview Tuesday.pdf 433.6KB 12/01/2021
Tuesday Love to Read.pdf 892.9KB 12/01/2021
Week 2 Tuesday PSHE Poem presentation PDF.pdf 2.1MB 12/01/2021
Week 2 Tuesday PSHE Poem presentation.pptx 26.4MB 12/01/2021
tuesday maths sheets.pdf 732.4KB 12/01/2021
lesson 1 PDF.pdf 2.5MB 12/01/2021
wednesday maths sheets.pdf 434.6KB 13/01/2021
Overview Wednesday.pdf 433.7KB 13/01/2021
Wednesday Love to Read.pdf 891.3KB 13/01/2021