Teachers are trying to ensure that the resources used by children learning at home and at school are the same or similar.  Please follow the ClassDojo instructions on how and when to access these resources.

Filename Size Date
English Mon 18th.mp4 7.3MB 17/01/2021
English Mon 18th lion-parenthesis-worksheet.pdf 312.3KB 17/01/2021
English Tues 19th.mp4 15.0MB 17/01/2021
English Tues 19th.pdf 1.1MB 19/01/2021
English Weds 20th.mp4 13.5MB 19/01/2021
English Weds 20th.pdf 1.1MB 20/01/2021
English Thurs 21st.mp4 12.8MB 20/01/2021
English Thurs 21st.pdf 1.2MB 21/01/2021
English Friday 22nd.mp4 6.1MB 21/01/2021
Friday grammar Komodo-dragon-similes-worksheet.pdf 103.8KB 21/01/2021
English 22.1.21.pdf 2.3MB 21/01/2021
VGPS Tues 19th Jan.pdf 138.0KB 21/01/2021
VGPS Weds 20th Jan.pdf 24.8KB 21/01/2021
VGPS Thurs 21st Jan.pdf 30.8KB 21/01/2021
Maths Friday 22nd Jan.pdf 1.8MB 21/01/2021
English meeting 1 20th.mp4 18.9MB 21/01/2021
English meeting 2 Thurs 21st.mp4 21.5MB 21/01/2021
English meeting week 3 Fri 22nd Jan.mp4 25.5MB 21/01/2021
Maths Monday 18th January Instructions Fractions greater ... 28.4MB 21/01/2021
Maths Tuesday 19th January 2021.mp4 30.9MB 21/01/2021
Tuesday Maths sheet.pdf 205.3KB 21/01/2021
Maths Wednesday 20th January.mp4 28.9MB 21/01/2021
Maths Thursday 21st January 2021 JR.pdf 1.9MB 21/01/2021
Thursday GOLD adding-fractions-different-denominators-pdf... 1.2MB 21/01/2021
Maths Meetings.pdf 1.2MB 21/01/2021
Maths Friday 22nd Jan Video talk through.mp4 37.5MB 21/01/2021
Science Monday 18th task 1.pdf 245.5KB 21/01/2021
Science Monday 18th p2.mp4 47.7MB 21/01/2021
Science Monday 18th part 1.pptx 20.4MB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read Monday 18th .pdf 622.4KB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read Monday 18th.mp4 5.8MB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 19.1.21.mp4 9.5MB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 19.1.21.pdf 787.1KB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 20.1.21.mp4 8.7MB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 20.1.21.pdf 384.8KB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 21.1.21.mp4 5.2MB 21/01/2021
Love 2 Read 21.1.21.pdf 1.4MB 21/01/2021
Art Tuesday 19th.mp4 19.7MB 21/01/2021
Vector Drawing 21.1.21.pdf 392.5KB 21/01/2021
2021JAN Netflex Home Workouts (1).pptx 3.8MB 21/01/2021