Teachers of Nursery and Reception children will always focus mostly on the children that are attending school. 

The resources in this folder are the same or similar to what the children in school are using and are also available on this page for families that wish to access them at home.

Filename Size Date
       Number and Counting
             Counting to 10.pdf 464.7KB 11/01/2021
             Number Recognition.pdf 56.7KB 11/01/2021
             0 Maths All about Number Zero Home Learning Challenges.pdf 316.5KB 11/01/2021
             1 Maths All about Number One Home Learning Challenges.pdf 291.7KB 11/01/2021
             2 Maths All about Number Two Home Learning Challenges.pdf 248.8KB 11/01/2021
             3 Maths All about Number Three Home Learning Challenges.pdf 309.7KB 11/01/2021
             4 Maths All about Number Four Home Learning Challenges.pdf 213.0KB 11/01/2021
             5 Maths All about Number Five Home Learning Challenges.pdf 329.3KB 11/01/2021
             6 Maths All about Number Six Home Learning Challenges.pdf 290.9KB 11/01/2021
             7 Maths All about Number Seven Home Learning Challenges.pdf 395.7KB 11/01/2021
             8 Maths All about Number Eight Home Learning Challenges.pdf 329.6KB 11/01/2021
             9 Maths All about Number Nine Home Learning Challenges.pdf 349.5KB 11/01/2021
             10 Maths All about Number Ten Home Learning Challenges.pdf 392.2KB 11/01/2021
       Listening Games
             1. Parents Guide to Phase 1 Pre-Phonics Ages 3-4.pdf 1.5MB 11/01/2021
             Body Percussion.pdf 2.6MB 11/01/2021
             Environmental Sounds.pdf 593.7KB 11/01/2021
             Instrumental Sounds.pdf 571.6KB 11/01/2021
             Oral Blending and Segmenting.pdf 624.5KB 11/01/2021
             Old MacDonald Had a Farm.pdf 667.4KB 11/01/2021
             Voice Sounds.pdf 565.8KB 11/01/2021
             Rhyming Words Activity Sheet.pdf 353.8KB 11/01/2021
             Rhythmn and Rhyme.pdf 464.9KB 11/01/2021
             Home Learning Challenge Sheet FS1.pdf 606.1KB 11/01/2021
             I Spy Checklist.pdf 1.2MB 11/01/2021
             I Spy.pdf 854.6KB 11/01/2021
       Investigating and Creating
             2D shapes Challenges.pdf 49.9KB 11/01/2021
             Colour Challenges.pdf 589.5KB 11/01/2021
             Food Challenges.pdf 345.1KB 11/01/2021
             Light and Dark Challenges.pdf 235.4KB 11/01/2021
             Materials Challenge.pdf 378.5KB 11/01/2021
             Pattern Challenge.pdf 250.7KB 11/01/2021
             Space Challenge.pdf 589.4KB 11/01/2021
             Space Star Biscuits.pdf 407.0KB 11/01/2021
             Weather Challenge.pdf 381.9KB 11/01/2021
             Winter Challenge.pdf 317.0KB 11/01/2021
       Nursery Rhyme Booklet.pdf 23.5MB 11/01/2021
       Ideas for Home.pdf 582.3KB 14/01/2021
       Week 12 29.3.21
             All about Easter.pptx 16.1MB 26/03/2021
             All about Palm Sunday.ppt 5.9MB 26/03/2021
             Rice Crispie Cakes 122.6KB 26/03/2021